Bay Harbor Dock

Steam Cleaning is such an important aspect of our restoration process it can’t be ignored. Our steam cleaner reaches temperatures over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  By using such high heat we are able to clean at much lower pressures to avoid damaging the wood. This is an important distinction between a steam cleaner and pressure washer. We remove all the mold, pollen, dirt and debris to ensure that when we coat something it will last as long as possible, all without doing damage to the wood. Depending on the project we might use steam cleaning for multiple purposes. See more information below.

Stripping is sometimes a necessary process to remove failed stain. When used properly a steam cleaner is a great option for removing failed paint or stain. We will generally have to apply chemical strippers and cleaners, then wash with high temperatures. This process is much faster and effective than removing stain with sanders. Sanding alone does not properly clean the wood. Our chemicals are all biodegradable and will do no harm to surrounding landscaping or near by ecosystems such as lakes and streams. We use the least invasive chemical we can to get the job done.  With our multi step process we do as little damage as possible while removing the failed stain.  See the picture below for an example of the difference steam cleaning can make. For more difficult stripping jobs we turn to our vapor blaster which you can read about on our vapor blasting page.


Mold and Mildew Treating is another application of our steam cleaner. Wood is host to many pores that breed fungi and mold. This mold is a major contributor to the degradation of coatings. In order to increase the longevity of your coating we treat with a mold and mildew treatment to help kill any unwanted bacteria. Treating with a mold and mildew treatment as well as using high heat ensures your coating has the best chance of holding up to mother natures other harsh threats like the sun and weather. Our chemicals are run directly through our steam cleaner to ensure every inch of the wood gets treated. We  often apply chemicals with a foamer which helps the chemicals adhere to wood rather than runoff quickly. See the picture  below for an example our chemical application.


If you have any further questions about our Steam Cleaning process and what it can do for you drop us a line at our Contact Us page or view some of our customer testimonials.