Below is a list of pictures that offer a glimpse into some of the things we do. Enjoy!

Shiny deck after one coat of stain. Shinny Deck   Heres a corner of log home taken before and after Norwood BeforeNorwood After

Heres a house we painted before and after


Large Log Home

Log Home 2 Beautiful home at one stage of the restoration and then again with a nice coat of natural stain


Chinked corner Chinked Corner Here is a full before and after of a barn restoration Carl and Nancy Barn unfinishedNancy and Carl Barn Finished

Log siding Log Home   House during the stripping process and after

Stripping HouseHouse2

Some more chinking


In this photo one part of this walkway has been steam cleaned and the other has not Stripping Deck getting steam cleaned Deck Stripping Finished interior garage with coated floor Garage Floor Nice cabin in the woods Dr. Dans Interior Chink Job IndianGardenChink More pictures to come soon!