Swanson 3

Chinking is another specialty of ours. Chinking is a flexible sealant used to seal the joints of log homes. Log homes move tremendously over the years and in order to ensure your log home stays sealed and protected from the elements it’s often necessary to┬áchink your logs. Chink has great R-value for added insulation and will give your home a great traditional log home look. Chinking is an art and can not be done by someone without the proper experience. Every job is different and every bead of chink is different. It is often necessary to use foam backer to give┬áthe chink another substrate to adhere to. Over the years we have applied miles and miles of chink from the Cleveland Zoo to magnificent log homes on the Great Lakes. If you have chinking needs Complete Coatings is the company to call. Feel free to contact us for more information and inquiries for all your chinking needs!